aka. Miss Fit

Anika is a fully qualified physiotherapist and fitness instructor. She is certified in many different fitness disciplines including pilates, personal training and nutritional counselling. With a passion for creating fun, energetic and effective workouts, Anika specialises in improving posture and strengthening core work.  Her qualifications include:

  • ReboundUK Certified Instructor
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy
  • Kinesilogy taping Level 2
  • Exercise to music Level 2
  • Pilates instructor
  • Personal Trainer Level 2

Fun fact…

Anika has a secret passion for… Minigolf! She got so into the swing of things one Saturday afternoon that she accidentally broke one of her friend’s nose! We highly recommend trying Anika’s workouts, but perhaps don’t challenge her to a game of minigolf!

“Rebounding is an easy, versatile and fun way to unite people of different age groups and fitness levels in a unique and motivating class. Everytime you rebound your body is challenged in a healthy way, that will increase your fitness level, bur calories whilst providing and effective workout with amazing health benefits wether you are a newbie or experienced client.” – Anika Fit

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