Changing Body Shape

ReboundUK workouts utilise all the fundamental movement patterns needed to stimulate all of our limbs, joints and muscles in a very healthy and balanced way.  These special movements and exercises performed on the rebounder can consist of squats, lunges, twists, bends, pushes and gait patterns including postural exercise that force every muscle in the body to continually contract and relax.  This results in us becoming stronger, leaner and more flexible.

Rebounding  also strengthens the pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles (the muscles that help give us a flat tummy!).  Increasing the muscle tone and volume will result in making our skin appear more smooth, and younger.  Rebounding stimulates every cell in our body, including muscles and skin cells.  Since the cells are the body’s living building blocks any positive change to the cells cascades up to the tissues, organs and systemic functions giving increased overall health and well-being.

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