Do you remember, as a small child, having to THINK about exercise?  Did your parents have to beg you to go outside and play?  Did your teachers have to beg you to go outside for recess?  The answer, undoubtedly, is NO!

Play gave way to exercise and it was for the pure enjoyment of whatever activity you chose.  Cardiovascular and muscular benefits were just side effects that never crossed your mind.

Fast forward to today…what has happened to us?  As we have aged, other priorities, schoolwork, jobs, relationships, bill paying and the like have eaten up time.  Stress levels have risen and free time has subsided.  Exercise is now a chore and no longer always FUN.

Rebounding is one way to take you and your participants back in time, back to a time when exercise was fun.  No longer will members be staring at the clock, wondering when the class and the torture will be over!  They will be begging for more of the simple, pure form of fun you can provide in this class.


There are 6 Lessons in the training:

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: The Science

Lesson 3: The Moves

Lesson 4: Designing a Class

Lesson 5: Launching your Class

Lesson 6: Continue to learn

Each section consists of Video and Workbook content, with Quizzes throughout to confirm understanding – some of which require a PASS level before progressing the course.  Final assessment is to upload a short 15-minute video for practical assessment.

The overall course duration is XX hours and you will need time to practice your technique on your Pro Gym rebounder (this varies  between Instructors).  The course is modular in structure, consisting of Lessons and Topics.  Each Topic is structured to be no more than 10 minutes long so you are able to complete the course in one sitting, or you can fit it into your daily life and complete over a few weeks.

If you need support at any time please do email us at training@rebound.fitness and one of our team will contact us – please leave your name and contact phone number.


Once certified, additional course modules can be purchased including:

  • Starting your own Rebound business
  • Advanced PT
  • GP Referrals
  • Rebounding for Children
  • Rebounding Post Pregnancy
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