Flexi Bounce At Home


Flexi Bounce at Home requires either the Fit Bounce II model (for children who are more independent and able to bounce and  follow instruction without physical help from another person) or the Fit Bounce Pro XL rebounder which has a large jumping area suitable for those who require physical support or close supervision to bounce safely.

Both models are half folding, bungee design makes them super quiet and they are of orthopaedic quality.

Suitable for adults and children, and approved by ReboundTherapy.org supporting Adults and Children and Young People with additional needs.


  • FREE access to home use Flexi-Bounce Therapy videos & development programme from ReboundTherapy.org
  • Beginners DVD
  • Carry Bag
  • Lifetime FREE access to 100s of Online Video rebounding workouts of all genres

Max weight 150kgs / 330lbs.

Padded mat & handle bar available for separate purchase.

For professional use there is a certified Flexi-Bounce Therapy online training course available for this product.

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Best for Children and Young People with SEND needs

This option is great for families who are looking for exercise equipment that the whole family can use. The Fit Bounce mini trampolines are orthopaedic quality and suitable for Adults and Children and for Children and Young People with SEND needs.

Easy Storage/Transportation

The Fit Bounce rebounders have spring loaded legs and fold in half when not in use. They come with a carry bag for easy storage and transportation. It is very easy to take the rebounder anywhere - if needed the package can be purchased and used at home and taken to school during the day so that it is available if needed during lessons.

Workouts for all the family

The rebounder can be used by adults and children following the Rebound Fit workouts on the DVD that is included with this package or accessing the workouts online via the lifetime membership.
For Children and Young People with SEND needs then there are instructions and videos available to support a parent/carer so that they can supervise and provide guidance and physical support where needed to assist bouncing.


Best for families to support Children and Young People with SEND needs

The beauty of the Fit Bounce Pro rebounders is that they can be used to support Children and Young People with SEND needs but also for other members of the family who also need to exercise.

This makes the activity truly inclusive and something that all the family can enjoy – either taking turns with the rebounder or buying several and bouncing as a family group which is great fun!

The Flexi-bounce at Home package comes with:

  • rebounder
  • carry bag for easy storage and transportation
  • DVD with Rebound Fit workouts for the family
  • Bouncecounter to measure progress and help with motivation
  • Online resources and videos to support & advise carers/parents on how they can supervise and provide support to the SEN/SEND participant so that they can bounce safely and effectively
  • Lifetime access to 100s of online rebounding workouts with a wide range of genres suitable for al the family

Benefits of bouncing

There are many benefits of bouncing on a high quality, well tensioned rebounder or mini trampoline.  There are research articles which support these benefits and to find out more you can read our blog.

Here are a few summarised:

  • Incredible Weight Loss – due to the G-force created by bouncing.  Research has proven it is more effective than jogging for calorie burn
  • Lymphatic Drainage – whilst you are exercising, the G-force created forces the lymph nodes to open/close during exercise ridding the body of toxins very efficiently during and after exercise
  • Kind to joints due to the low impact nature of the surface of the rebounder mat and the high quality spring/bungee design
  • Strengthens every cell in your body – changes body shape, strengthens core, tightens skin and tones muscles. Strengthens the pelvic floor and bladder.
  • Increases bone density – as proven by N.A.S.A. research on Astronauts returning from space

Flexi Bounce Therapy has specific benefits for Children and Young People with SEND needs.  The full benefits can be found here.

In summarise the benefits fall into 4 categories:

  • Rebounder Specification – needs to be high quality to ensure that the unique three-fold effect on body organs, systems and muscles is realised.  These being; Weight increases and decreases to the point of weightlessness, acceleration from stillness to varying speed and deceleration from  varying speeds to stillness.
  • Physiological Benefits – cardio-respiratory, muscle tone, balance mechanism and kinaesthetic awareness
  • Therapeutic Benefits – on Movement, Perception and Communication
  • Caring for the Carers – improved physical fitness and mental health through bouncing

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