6 Social Media Must Knows for Fitness Professionals

Social media is a place to build trust and credibility and attract new clients. A streamlined social media strategy can help you engage with your existing clients and attract new ones. So what can you start doing today to use social media to your advantage?

  1. Post Consistently

Posting consistently gives your content the best chance of being seen by your target audience. HOWEVER, the old adage ‘Quality over Quantity‘ still applies. Don’t fall into the trap of spamming your social accounts with irrelevant content, more does not always mean better and it’s far more business rewarding to have a small engaged community than a large unengaged one.

Posting consistent, relevant posts with a similar theme or feel helps to define your brand, giving your brand more authority making you memorable.

Using Hootsuite (there’s a free version yay!) can help you reduce your time spent posting so you can focus more time on generating interesting, engaging content for your followers and less time on publishing posts.

  1. Don’t just sit on the bench!

Social media is just that, it’s a social platform. It’s the perfect place for you to engage with your audience and for them to engage with each other, so make sure you’re a part of the conversation and not just a spectator to it. Why not:

    • Ask Questions – find out about your audience by asking them about themselves, “who’s working out this Wednesday? What’s your favourite class?”, “What are your exciting weekend plans?”
    • Run Polls – Most social media channels have a poll feature now so if you’re not sure which new class you should introduce onto the timetable, ask your customers and get immediate feedback.
    • Give an insight – Social media gives you a chance to connect with your clients and potential clients on a personal level so post/blog/vlog a little bit of behinds the scene action or ‘a day in the life of’ so people can get to know you.
    • Post a tip of the day – Post a workout or move of the day and ask your followers to send in a video/pic of them doing the challenge.
  1. Post More Images

Visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. (Source: HubSpot)

Social media is a great chance to get visual. Posting photos, workout videos and video testimonials can give your audience a great insight into what your classes are like and make them more likely to attend if they haven’t before.

The quality on most phones now are great so you don’t need to worry about having the fanciest camera, just get snapping! Take a look at one of our promo vids below…

  1. Build a Community

Treat your social media followers as business partners. A happy, loved and engaged following will refer you to friends, family and their wider social media network.

Open the lines for communication between you and them but also between themselves. They all follow you for a reason so are likely to have similar interests/hobbies and could more than likely be great potential friends! Facebook Groups are great for creating a community chat and engagement in these groups are often high. How do I create a Facebook Group?

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it” – Erik Qualman

  1. #use #hashtags

Hashtags make your own content discoverable and allows you to categorise your posts so that people can find them more easily on social media. For example the hashtags we use are #rebounduk and #bounceandburn. So if you were to go onto instagram, for example, and search for these hashtags you’ll find a series of posts, some by us and some by our followers that are all ReboundUK related.

You want to use as many relevant (the key is to make them relevant) hashtags as possible so that people who may be interested in your content can easily find them. e.g. ‘#groupex’ ‘#fitness’ ‘#fitpro’ are all common fitness hashtags.

Make sure you use our hashtags and handle in your posts so that we can see, share and engage with your posts!

#rebounduk #bounceandburn @rebounduk

  1. Give people a reason to follow you.

Sometimes giving people a little incentive to follow you or refer you to a friend is a great way to build your following and client base. You could try:

  • Offering exclusive competitons & discounts for your social media followers
  • Running a competition to attract new clients – e.g. “tag your friend in the comment below for a chance to win a free class.”
  • Repost your follower’s photos to give them encouragement
  • Post free workouts of the week exclusively for your followers

The opportunities with social media are endless and it can be a great sales channel for all businesses. With more people using social media than ever before, it’s something you can’t ignore as a business owner so people up you phone, log in and start posting, tweeting and tagging!

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