Rebound Fitness Instructor Training

Welcome to the world’s most exciting Rebound Fitness Instructor Training certification course.

Designed and written by sports scientists and Rebounding experts who want to share with you their knowledge and inspirational findings so you can spread the word about this incredible exercise

On this course you will learn the truly amazing life changing fitness benefits and health benefits that following a professional rebound programming can deliver.

The validated rebounding research in our training course is quite mind blowing which makes it one of the most credible forms of holistic exercise used by sports professionals and health practitioners and celebrities all over the world.

This course will take around 16 hours of online learning and rebound practice to complete.

The course is divided into a number of Lessons and within each Lesson are Topics.  Each Topic will take between 2 – 5 minutes to complete.  There are videos as part of your instruction, each of which is between 1 – 2 minutes to watch (unless stated otherwise).  You will be able to pause a video, but you will be required to watch the video from start to finish.

At the end of each Lesson there may be a short quiz to test knowledge and understanding.  This quiz must be completed, and the required pass mark achieved before progressing to the next lesson.  You may also be required to upload an assignment which could be a short video of you teaching (iPhone quality is fine) or a lesson plan and this will be your practical assessment which our Master Trainers will review and either PASS you or provide feedback so that you can re-submit.

Once you have completed a Topic or Lesson the “Mark Complete” button will become active and please ensure that you click on this to move to the next topic or lesson.

Our team is on hand to assist you should this be required – just contact us by email (Monday to Friday) with your query and we will respond by email or call you if required.

We hope you will enjoy Rebounding as much as we do and look forward to welcoming you to our team!

In the meantime, please do follow us and other Rebound Fitness Instructors on social media (facebook, instagram, twitter, YouTube) – we are @rebounduk.

Let’s spread the word and get the whole word rebounding!

Best wishes and healthy regards,

James, Heather, Liza, Vikki and the Global Rebound Fitness Team

Course Content

Lessons Status



Pro Rebounder Equipment


Health & Safety


Instructor Preparation


How Rebounding Works


Rebounding Health Benefits


The Rebounding Moves


Rebound Cardio Moves


Rebound Sports Training Moves


Rebound Conditioning Moves


Rebound Core Moves


Rebound Stretch


Create a Rebounding Class


Progress a Rebounding Class


Build your Rebound Business or Classes


Next Steps

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