About our Rebounders

How big is the Rebounder?
  • The frame is approx. 40 inches in diameter, the mat surface is approx. 27 inches in diameter.
  • The rebounders stand 10-13 inches from the ground.
  • The stability bar stands approx. 35 inches from the mat surface.
What are the maximum user weights?
  • Maximus Pro Gym Rebounder = 22 stone/140kgs
  • Maximus Pro = 22 stone/140kgs
  • HIIT Bounce Pro = 22 stone / 140kgs
  • Fit Bounce Pro = 22 stone/140kgs
  • Bounce & Burn = 18.8 stone/120kgs
Do the Rebounders make any noise?
  • The Fit Bounce Pro bungee rebounder is completely silent!
  • Proper maintenance of metal sprung rebounders will ensure that these Rebounder make very little noise. To reduce noise when bouncing simply apply vaseline (or coconut oil) to the springs where any metal component contacts another metal component. Watch how this can be done here.
Should I wear trainers when using a Rebounder?
  • Fit Bounce Pro – This Rebounder is springless and can be used barefoot or with cross trainers.
  • All other Rebounders should be used wearing trainers – preferably cross trainers with a stiff midsole.  Avoid tying shoes too tightly to enable increased blood circulation in the feet.
Do you offer a spare parts service?

Unlike many Rebounders on the market, all Rebound Fitness’ rebounders come with a full spare parts service.

We have worked tirelessly to ensure that our equipment is manufactured to the highest quality and is as robust as possible, however, sometimes even a rebounder can tweak a hamstring!  Every component of our rebounders is replaceable so should anything happen to a spring (or bungee), mat, rubber feet, leg or a skirt we stock replacements so you don’t have to buy a whole new rebounder.

To order spare or replacement parts please visit our shop.

Do the Rebounders come with a warranty?

You can register your Rebounder for warranty here.

We have a dedicated customer service team always available to answer any questions you may have about your product or workouts and can assist you with any query.

For warranty terms and conditions click here.

Is Rebounding the right workout for me?

We think you’ll love it!

Rebounding is a low impact workout where you can control the intensity of the workout making it ideal for complete beginners right through to Olympic athletes.

It is suitable for all ages and genders and the Bounce & Burn membership and Rebound Fitness DVDs ensure that you will stay motivated to meet your goals.

As with any exercise programme, please ensure that you have checked with your doctor before commencing a new exercise regime.

To learn about the many health and fitness benefits of Rebounding have a read of our blog about the benefits of rebounding.

Is Rebounding suitable for children?

Our Rebounders are exercise equipment, and not a toy trampoline.

Children (or adults) should not jump on a Rebounder like you would on a trampoline as this will place undue stress on the springs.

Rebounding has seen great success with children in primary schools. Children over the age of 8 who can understand the correct Rebounding technique can really benefit from Rebounding workouts.

Is there a minimum ceiling height?

You need to allow 18 inches above your head height when standing on the Rebounder.  This provides sufficient height for the bounce and overhead arm movements.

How firm is the mat?

The tension in our mats are carefully calibrated to provide a low impact bounce that is both kind on your joints and gives all of the fat burning benefits of a high intensity group exercise class.

The rebound technique requires you to push down into the mat’s surface, as opposed to ‘jumping’ up. For more info on the correct Rebounding technique please watch our Basic Bounce tutorial here.

A slightly softer bounce can be had on our bungee sprung Fit Bounce Pro Rebounder.

My Rebounder seems stiff to open is this normal?

We have designed the hinges to be very robust and as such they may be a little stiff when first opening and closing the Rebounder.  These will loosen with time but you may need to get someone to help you open and close the Rebounder to begin with.

Where are your Rebounders manufactured?

Our Rebounders are manufactured in China and meet and exceed all relevant safety standards for the UK, Europe and USA/Canada.

My stability bar seems loose and wobbly is that ok?

Yes the stability bar will have movement. It is there as a balance aid not to support your entire body weight. You may not need the bar after you have built up your confidence and balance using the Rebounder.

How to…

How do I sign up for the Bounce & Burn membership?

We’ve launched the UK’s first online Rebounding platform, bringing you all the fitness and health benefits of Rebounding straight to your living room.

Join us and our Master Trainers from around the world on a journey to burn fat, build strength and most importantly have FUN.  With access to hundreds of workouts, specialist nutrition plans & recipes and discounts from our partners, the Bounce & Burn membership is perfect to support you and keep you motivated.

For more information on the Bounce & Burn membership click here.

How do I maintain my Rebounder?

Our Rebounders require very little maintenance. Vaseline (or coconut oil) can be applied to the springs where any metal component contacts another metal component. Watch how to properly maintain your Rebounder here.

How do I attach the resistance bands?

Please note the resistance bands are intended to be used with our metal sprung rebounders and they should be attached to the “W” hook on the rebounder mat (where the springs are attached).  To see how they attach please click here.

How do I change a mat/skirt/mat spring/leg spring?

All our Rebounders come with a spare parts service and parts are easily changed.

Please see our how to video in our video library here for details on how to change mats/skirts/springs etc.

One of the legs has got stuck and I can’t fold it down?

Turn the Rebounder upside down and take off the rubber foot on the leg. Spray a little WD40 or household oil in to the leg and then twist the leg gently and it will loosen.

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