Create a Rebounding Class

When creating a rebounding class, it’s important to remember that the class needs to be suitable and appropriate for the people who are attending.

It is possible to run a Rebounding class with participants of all fitness levels, but the Instructor needs to ensure in that event that the class is Inclusive – and beginners/advanced move options are always given.  Alternatively, advertise the class as suitable for Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Mixed Abilities.

The class can also be branded in such a way to attract the right participants to a class.  For example, a Bounce & Burn class might attract a different audience to a Ski Fit class, yet both could be completed using the rebounder equipment.  Please see the later lesson on marketing your class and ideas for Class names and the type of participant you might attract.

When building a class, we would typically select moves from at least 2 of the move categories and depending on the branding of the class you will select moves appropriately.

Please keep the following principles in mind during the first four – six weeks of your program:

  • First, you as the instructor will need practice the moves on the Rebounder. You should be proficient at the moves that make up the base/foundation of any Rebounding class before moving on!  Use the moves and class structure we will discuss in subsequent sections for at least 4-6 weeks, a normal “learning curve” for the average participant (considering 1-2 classes per week for the average participant).
  • Second, the Rebounding experience will be brand new to your members. They must walk before they can run.  You may get bored quite quickly as the professional instructor.  Keep in mind where you are in comparison with your average participant – your level of coordination, balance, rhythm & timing, athletic nature, stamina, etc.  Find ways to challenge your participants while they are learning their way around the Rebounder without continually throwing new moves into the mix.
  • Remember it takes 6-8 weeks of repetition of exercise for optimum physiological and neurological adaptation to take place, so you don’t need to change the moves too early. Give them time to master the movement patterns. Work on your participants executing each move with perfect form. They will get much better results!

On the Workout Videos for Instructor Members, Vikki’s Master Class is a great first workout that you might like to consider using.  It combines Cardio, Sports Training, Conditioning and Core moves into a 45-minute workout which is ample time for those new to rebounding.

A typical 45 – 60 minutes class might be formatted as follows:

Segment Duration
Warm Up 5 mins
Cardio 15 mins
Sports Training 5 – 10 mins
Cool Down 5 mins
Conditioning 5 – 10 mins
Core 5 – 10 mins
Stretch 5 mins

Note that the above is a Traditional Rebound Fitness class.  Depending on the type of workout you are doing (e.g., interval circuits), it may be that the Cool Down comes after the Conditioning but before the Core section.

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