Health & Safety

This course has been mapped against the Health and Safety elements of the National Standard (N.O.S C22) for REPS (UK) certification.

It’s imperative that Instructors follow the health and safety procedures in use at the facility in which they are teaching and be aware of the specific health and safety considerations for Rebounding.

  • Ensure you are familiar with the facility that you are teaching the class in, have the local health and safety policy and follow the policies of the facility in which you are teaching at all times.
  • Review the studio in which you are teaching to ensure that it is free from hazards and a suitable environment in which to teach, in accordance with the health & safety requirements of the facility and is suitable for taking the Rebounding class (see below guidelines).
  • If you identify any areas for improvement, then please pass these on to the Facility manager, or the Rebound Fitness team as appropriate.

Please note: Instructors are required to have their own Insurances to teach and need to teach on approved equipment in order for their Rebound Fitness certification to be valid.  We have already spoken about exercising on the correct equipment in the previous section.

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