How Rebounding Works

Rebounding has been studied for over 40 years in scientific research settings and through observations by qualified Fitness Professionals who see the benefits of rebounding first hand.  Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your sporting performance, or someone who is new to exercise looking for a low impact and fun workout, Rebounding is effective for everyone.

Most of the material in this course is adapted from the findings of Albert E. Carter in his 1988 book “The New Miracles of Rebound Exercise”.  Known as the “Father of Rebounding” he is credited with bringing many of the benefits to the attention of the public, celebrities such as Tony Robbins (who endorses rebounding in his best-selling book Unlimited Power) and manufacturers like ourselves who recognise the need to invest in a high quality rebounder, training materials and workout videos so that these fabulous benefits of Rebounding can be achieved.

Rebounding works by combining the effects of ACCELERATION, DECELLERATION and GRAVITY, creating G-Force, all on a low impact, well sprung mini-trampoline.

It is important to recognise that the health benefits referred to in this training course, and in all the scientific research, are only achievable if performed on a high-quality specification pro mini-trampoline and this has been covered in the previous section.

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