Instructor Preparation


Watch this video for guidance on how to mount/dismount the Rebounder safely – ensure as an Instructor that you always do this yourself.

This checklist should be run through each time an Instructor starts a class.  Remember that there may be people new to rebouding in the class, and even those who have attended for a while could use a refresher!

  • Advise participants of the facilities emergency procedures and health and safety requirements for the session.
  • Ensure that the Rebounders are correctly set up (see Health & Safety section).
  • Check the mat surface to ensure it is dry and void of sweat / moisture.
  • Discuss the skirt, its purpose, and what to do with it during the class.
  • Discuss policy on leaving in the middle of class and what, if anything, to do with the Rebounder under those circumstances.
  • Reassure participants of the safety and nature of the workout.
  • Demonstrate how to mount and dismount the Rebounder safely.
  • ALWAYS review the Base Jump at the outset of class.
  • Review with the participants the benefits of remaining ON the Rebounder throughout the class.  Explain ways to decrease the intensity without necessarily dismounting the Rebounder.
  • Encourage participants to drink water before, during, and after the workout.

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