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Rebound Fitness (trading as MaXimus Life outside Europe) is an established worldwide brand started in 2005 by James Winfield and Heather Moore.

James is a CHEK Practitioner and Sports & Conditioning expert with over 20 years in the fitness industry. Heather has over 30 years expertise in the IT Industry and in business development.

Together they have established Rebound Fitness and MaXimus Life as a worldwide brand, designing and manufacturing high quality but affordable professional rebounders (mini-trampolines), creating and delivering certified instructor training programmes and filming and manufacturing fun and motivating rebound workout videos suitable for a wide range of fitness levels, ages and gender.

To date, James and Heather have introduced the amazing health and fitness benefits of rebounding to hundreds of thousands of people via their own website, social media, Amazon and other e-commerce platforms and people can now bounce and experience the wonderful health and fitness benefits of rebounding in a group class setting, with their PT, in their own home and they can even take their rebounder and stream workouts as they travel!

James first came across rebounding in the early 2000’s when he started to use the rebounder as a much more versatile device for injury rehabilitation and sports conditioning with many of his clients (including Heather!) as he found it to be far more effective than other forms of exercise/tools achieving some incredible results in a much faster time frame.

In James’ own words “Rebounding is an inspiration to everyone because every single person CAN DO IT!  Individuals who cannot partake in high impact activities whether through years playing high impact sports or perhaps just don’t like running, find rebounding exercise a truly inspirational fitness workout. It not only provides an incredibly beneficial high intensity workout that is physiologically and mentally stimulating but also achieves some amazing validated health benefits at a low impact cost’’

Our Motivation?  We are passionate about making rebound exercise accessible to everyone whatever the age, gender or ability by offering affordable, high quality rebound equipment and fun, motivating workouts that are easy to follow and available to people when they want them on DVD or streamed to their device.

By following our rebound fitness workouts on our uniquely designed, well balanced and perfectly sprung mini trampolines, coupled with eating healthily and making better lifestyle choices everyone can improve their fitness, health and mental well-being.

As Rebound Fitness Instructors we will support you to develop your classes and your business. We look forward to your support as together we spread the word and get more people actively enjoying this fantastic holistic form of exercise.

Our vision is to get the whole wide world bouncing!

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