Progress a Rebounding Class


The Instructors technique is key to a successful class.  If an Instructors technique is perfect, then the chances are most of the participants will be following the Instructor so their technique will be 50% -90% of the Instructors.  For example, in the military press the correct technique is to bounce in the middle of the mat with the ankles, knees & legs together and strong arms punching overhead.  If the Instructor is bouncing with straddled feet, then the participants will copy this and the intensity of the workout will be much less.

There are several ways you can make the class harder:

  • Increase the intensity of the moves by increasing the “push”
  • Increase the complexity of the moves
  • Challenge balance and coordination with changes of direction, use of one leg etc

Make sure that you look at each of the moves to workout the best way to use the move to make the class harder.  Some moves are easier to manipulate than others, for example, the Military Press is a good move to encourage the class to push harder into the middle of the mat for maximum benefit.

To challenge coordination the Power Jack is great to see if people can do Leg and Arm movements simultaneously and there are many different arm movements you can experiment with whilst doing “jack” leg movements.

Sometimes when you increase the complexity of the choreography, you lose out on Intensity until people are familiar with these new moves so just be aware of this and decide what you are trying to achieve with the class.

Measuring Progress – THE BALANCE CHALLENGE

One of the biggest improvements that can be seen quickly is improvements in Balance.  We would encourage you to do the Balance Challenge (you will find this in the Instructor Membership workout videos) the first time someone does a Rebounding class and then repeat this every week or so – the improvements will be very visible and keep them motivated.


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