Rebounding Health Benefits

Nadia & Dr Sara Rebounding

The combination of increased G-Force on a low-impact, unstable surface such as the rebounder gives rise to many health and fitness benefits.

In this lesson we speak about each of the key benefits and in the last topic there is a full list of 30 benefits compiled by Dr Morton Walker and published in the Townsend Letter for Doctors 1995.

Remember to use theses benefits appropriately in your marketing materials to attract people to you classes (there are also examples in the marketing section of your Membership).  Also when teaching many of these facts and figures can be used to motivate and inspire your class.

Finally we would encourage you to experience and witness these benefits from your own personal experience as you teach (many instructors are amazed at how even they can improve their fitness levels, core, pelvic floor and body shape!) and also from your own participants experience – we would encourage you to measure your participants improvements and where you have permission to share these with others and with Rebound Fitness as a case study.

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