The Rebounding Moves

There are a number of foundation rebounding moves which are important to master before introducing variations and new moves.

These moves are designed to work through all the important functional movement patterns vital for everyday life and all sports.

The rebounding moves can be split into the following categories of move:

  • Cardio
  • Sports training
  • Conditioning
  • Core
  • Stretching

This course does not teach an exhaustive list and there are many variations  You will see many more moves and variations in the Workout Videos in our Instructor membership.

Rebounding is a very specific exercise and even the fittest and experienced Instructor will need to practice technique and build rebound endurance.

For each foundation move we show a Video of the move and describe the key teaching points.  We strongly suggest that after each move you practice your technique for that individual move before going to the next topic/lesson.


As Instructors it is vital that you execute these moves using perfect technique so practice is essential.  We recommend that you practice in front of a mirror and also film yourself doing each move so that you can ensure that your technique is great!

For your practical assessment we will be looking for great technique and explanation of the teaching points.

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