Why LIIT Is The New HIIT

“What on earth is LIIT?” we hear you cry… well, put simply, LIIT is a game changer for the fitness industry.

LIIT (or Low Impact Interval Training) is a form of high intensity training that burns fat, builds muscle and, crucially, is kind on your joints.

Moving from HIIT to LIIT?

HIIT (or High Intensity Interval Training) is a major buzzword in the fitness industry of late and we aren’t short of ‘Fitfluencers’ preaching the benefits of this great form of exercise – think Joe Wicks aka. The Body Coach or Kayla Itsines of Bikini Body Guide.

However, with many HIIT sessions offering not just a high-intensity but also a high-impact workout, there is a growing need within the industry for alternative, lower impact options, to reduce the risk of injury and as a means of providing suitable classes for clients of all fitness levels.

Rebounding LIIT Sprints
Rebounding is fun

Intensity Minus Impact

Enter the new power combo: Low-impact HIIT – an alternative class offering all the benefits of HIIT minus the associated injury risk.

‘It’s low impact but high intensity,’ says James Winfield, Co-Founder of Rebound Fitness. ‘What I like about it is the fact you can work equally hard with the same intervals at the same types of intensities but placing much less stress on the knees, hips & ankles.’

Low-impact exercise is anything that does not require you to place one of your limbs in contact with a hard surface at high velocity and force, resulting in decreased damage to joints and yet still offering great results when it comes to weight loss and increased fitness.

With many low-impact activities suitable for adaptation into HIIT-style workouts, including swimming, cycling, spinning, rebound and cross-trainer sessions, it is all about keeping the heart rate up with bursts of high-intensity, to maintain the same result as more traditional higher impact HIIT classes and workouts. The added bonus of performing LIIT workouts on a mini trampoline is that the workout is also weight bearing giving added health benefits such as maintaining strong bones and increasing joint integrity.

“As personal trainers, it’s vital that we educate clients on the array of workouts available – those that are high intensity and fun too!”, James Explains. “LIIT is taught with the same principles of HIIT, so individuals get the same “fix”, but it’s a perfect alternative as it’s lower impact, which means it’s kinder on the body, preserving joints and soft tissues.” Read James’ full interview with REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) here.

Sounds great, where can i try a LIIT Workout?

We’ve invested significantly in bringing incredible Rebounding workouts straight to your living room. With workouts ranging in styles from cardio, sports specific, balance & core strength right the way through to extreme high intensity interval workouts (HIIT) there’s something for everyone & all in the comfort of your own home! No need for expensive gym memberships and oversubscribed group classes.

Our newly designed HIIT Bounce Pro Rebounder is perfect for anyone ready to start rebounding and burn calories quickly. Designed to be used in both a flat and an inclined position this folding fitness trampoline delivers an incredible fat burning workout and also great for explosive plyometric exercises.

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