Meet the Team!

Do you sometimes struggle to motivate yourself to workout? Don’t worry, our team of international presenters have enough motivation to go around.

  • James Winfield
    James Winfield
  • Heather Moore
    Heather Moore
  • Vikki Gamblen
    Vikki Gamblen
  • Errol Barrows
    Errol Barrows Booty Bound Barrows

    Errol is a committed, creative and self-motivated Sport & Physical Activity Development Specialist, with extensive experience in development within the public, volunteer and private sector.

  • Pamela Lai
    Pamela Lai
  • Rob Sharpe
    Rob Sharpe
  • Anika Fit
    Anika Fit
  • The Townsend Twins
    The Townsend Twins
  • Jeannine Desmier
    Jeannine Desmier aka. 1sculpt

    Spending the last 10 years teaching at London’s top studios and being a professional dancer, Jeannine’s passion is making fitness fun.

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