become a REBOUND FIT Instructor 

Mini Trampoline / Rebounding Training Courses.  Available in person or Online.

✅ Work part-time, Earn full-time income.

✅ Equipment discounts,  payment plan available

✅ Access to 100’s of pre-choreographed workouts & licence free music

✅ Ongoing business support, marketing materials, social media promotion

✅ No ongoing licence fees

Rebound Fit mini trampoline workouts and instructor training

Rebound Fitness & JDK Fitness have partnered

to offer access to years of experience in building successful Rebounding businesses.

With over 2000 Instructors qualified around the World we’re looking to take the phenomenon to another level!


REBOUND FIT is a the most exciting and fun workout you’ll ever take part in. We bounce to choreographed routines on a rebounder or mini trampoline. It’s a super low impact workout, reducing impact on your body by 87% and making it kind on your joints. It’s fun, allows you to burn 100’s of calories and gives you endless health benefits.

Rebounding or Bounce workouts on mini trampolines (rebounders) are perfect for everyone; all ages and all abilities. The lymphatic drainage benefits, increase bone density and reduction in stress, anxiety and depression, really appeals everyone. We’ve had so many people hitting goals they’ve been trying to achieve for years by just having good fun!

REBOUND FIT offers the best mini trampoline equipment, online and in-person Instructor Training (endorsed by PD:Approval – previously 8 REPs CPD points), the most exciting classes & ongoing access to instructor resources & new choreography and licence free music, discounts on equipment & clothing, opportunities to earn Commission and the most loyal and supportive instructor community.

Buying Equipment & Courses

Whether you have a dance, exercise to music, Zumba, Yoga, or PT background, becoming a REBOUND FIT Instructor & business owner is easy. Having trained over 2000 Instructors worldwide to effectively deliver sustainable, exciting classes on a mini trampoline we know what it takes to make your Rebounding business successful and enjoyable.

We offer easy payment options to help you get started and are always on hand to give you friendly business advice. Become a REBOUND FIT Instructor today and earn the life you deserve!

Online Instructor Training with Pro Gym Exercise Trampoline
Studio Instructor TrainingStudio Instructor Training
Flexi Bounce Therapy Online CourseFlexi Bounce Therapy Online Course

Let's get started!

One of the things that sets us apart is our flexible business model, payment terms that allow you to make an amazing income and the ongoing support we offer. The course we provide is the only rebounding qualification Endorsed by PD:Approval (previously 8 REPs CPD points)!

We have exciting pre-choreographed classes that you can use “off the shelf”. You are more than welcome to build your own choreography and stamp your own brand onto the classes too. 

We can also offer branding & marketing ideas to help you reach new audiences – many Instructors have expanded their audiences into new demographics giving exciting new income opportunities. 

Our ongoing business support and advice ensures your rebounding business is a tremendous success with a return on investment measured in just a few weeks!

Got a question about reBound Fit or the Instructor course? Fancy starting your journey? Need a career change?

Contact us if you have any queries or for PAYMENT PLAN options and we’ll talk you through the set up, the classes and how we can help and support you in your REBOUND FIT business.

Work part time hours – earn full time income!

Teaching REBOUND FIT is your business – you know your area and a realistic price you can charge for attending your class. We’ll support you by offering advice and help, you can take advantage of our booking system with our premium membership and with our programme, we won’t take a penny of your booking fees.

You really can earn a full time wage while working minimal hours. You can get a return in your investment in just 4-6 weeks.

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