Flexi-Bounce Therapy

For Parents at Home and Specialist Practitioners

ReboundTherapy.org have approved the use of the Fit Bounce Pro XL orthopaedic quality mini-trampoline for Flexi-Bounce Therapy; a comprehensive graded exercise and development programme for children and adults across a wide spectrum of additional needs.

For use by Parents/Carers in the home and by specialist practitioners.

What is Rebound Therapy & Flexi Bounce Therapy?

Rebound Therapy is exercise therapy which uses a full-sized trampoline to provide opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and recreation for people across virtually the whole spectrum of special needs”;

E.G.Anderson, Founder of Rebound Therapy – www.reboundtherapy.org, the official UK body, Worldwide Federation and Consultancy responsible for the development and provision of certified and accredited training courses and development of overseas training partners.

Flexi-Bounce Therapy was developed by the ReboundTherapy.org team and is the perfect complement to Rebound Therapy. It can be used by Parents/Carers as a stand alone activity at home or 1:1 by a specialist practitioner or centre, or as an “in between sessions” complement to scheduled Rebound Therapy sessions.

Rebound Fitness has developed the orthopaedic quality Fit Bounce Pro XL rebounder which has been approved by ReboundTherapy.org for Flexi-Bounce Therapy.

Your Fit Bounce Pro XL rebounder can be purchased here.

Rebound Therapy Approved Supplier

Home Use Parent/Carer Videos and Online Flexi Bounce Training Course

Every purchase of the Fit Bounce Pro XL comes with FREE access to the Flexi Bounce Home Use online programme developed by ReboundTherapy.org so parents/carers and specialist practitioners can continue this wonderful Flexi-Bounce therapy on a daily basis in the comfort of their own home.

For Instructors and other Health Professionals wishing to become certified in FLexi-Bounce Therapy on the Fit Bounce Pro XL please click here for more details or contact us 

Flexi Bounce Online Instructor Training

delivered by Rebound Therapy.Org

Flexi Bounce Therapy is a comprehensive graded exercise and development programme for the use of an othopaedic quality rebounder by children and adults across a wide spectrum of additional needs.  This Online Training Programme is for anyone wishing to work 1:1 with a child or adult with additional needs and enables the student to benefit from fun therapy sessions on a daily basis, at home, with their therapist or at a centre.

Join the Rebound Fitness and Rebound Therapy team of instructors improving lives each and every day! 

Rebounding for Health Practitioners and Specialists

Rebounding is a full body cellular and de-toxifying exercise and, for some, it is a life-saver. Our body’s natural inclination is to heal itself, internally. Because rebounding strengthens all cells of the body It helps to unlock the body’s power to heal itself.

If you are a Health Practitioner, or work for the NHS, and want to find out how Rebounding can help you and your clients please contact us.  We have the best equipment on the market, offer NHS discounts, and work with many Health Practitioners on a referral basis.

Practitioners we currently work with include Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, Kineseologists, Counsellers, GP Referral practitioners, Chiropractors, Sporting Coaches, Nurses, Age UK and specialist communities covering conditions such as Lymphodema, Arthritis, Osteoporisis, Autism, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Obesity, Incontinence and Depression – all conditions that Rebounding can benefit.

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