HIIT Bounce Pro Mini Trampoline


Designed for individuals who are serious about health and fitness and want the best results and FAST, the HIIT Bounce Pro Mini Trampoline is the perfect way to lose weight, get fit and see results quickly and easily.

Used by athletes and sports men and women the clever incline kit allows you to work on an angle that will challenge you further and give an even great calorie burn.

Every HIIT Bounce Pro Rebounder comes with a full spare parts service, and 3 FREE MONTHS VIDEO MEMBERSHIP that enables you to stream a selection of the world’s best rebounding workouts to your home 24/7.

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✅  INCLUDES SPECIAL INCLINE KIT FOR MORE INTENSE WORKOUTS. Can be used in the regular flat horizontal position also. Fold away hinge design and spring loaded folding legs take seconds to set up. 32 large springs make it super strong, and very low impact, so it is very kind on the joints.

✅ FREE 3 MONTHS ONLINE WORKOUT MEMBERSHIP – Stream a selection of the world’s best rebounding workouts 24/7. Package comes with a high energy HIIT Rebound compilation DVD with 3 high energy workouts plus a bonus incline workout for the ultimate challenge that gets great results! Get lean and shredded with this ultimate home fitness package.

✅  CAN TAKE 140 KG PERSON. Extremely robust and versatile and used by many top athletes and sporting professionals realising the need to get an edge over their opponents by improving speed, agility and coordination. Use the brilliant 1lb weight gloves included with the package to add more resistance for increasing strength and power.

✅  FREE WEIGHTED GLOVES. INCREDIBLE HEALTH BENEFITS include burning fat and 100’s of calories, increasing cardiovascular and aerobic fitness, strengthening joints, muscles and tightening the skin, lymphatic drainage and detoxifying the body.


✅ FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL CUSTOMER SUPPORT & FULL WARRANTY. Including spare part service. Contact us here

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