Fit Bounce Pro Mini Trampoline Exercise DVD


Fit Bounce Pro Mini Trampoline Exercise DVD Includes 3 Fantastic Rebounder Workouts for Fitness & Weight Loss FUN Indoor Trampoline Workouts

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  • ✅ Workout 1 – Balance Core & Stretch 40 mins.This comprehensive balance & stretch workout will improve your posture dramatically by lengthening short tight muscles while at the same time improve your joint stability by performing exercises on the Fit Bounce Pro Rebounder for an added challenge. All the movements are executed in a controlled way paying extra attention to your breathing patterns. This workout is designed to improve all over muscle tone & flexibility leaving you feeling invigorated
  • ✅ Workout 2 – High intensity Interval Rebound Workout 22 mins – Advanced A brilliant all round rebound fitness workout designed to take you to the next level with your rebound training. Francesca progresses you through all the vital movement patterns such as squats, twists and running intervals to challenge your rebounding skills. Interspersed with clever conditioning & core exercises this little workout will burn 100’s of calories in a short space of time.
  • ✅ Workout 3 – Beginners Rebound Progression with the Townsend Twins 38 mins Beginners/Intermediate A great introduction to rebound cardo fitness training with some gentle and progressive core moves that incorporate all the joint mobilizations and functional movement patterns important for keeping you fit and healthy. Easy variations of each exercise are demonstrated by the twins so you can choose which level to work at that suits your ability. Designed to strengthen & tone and increase fitness


✅ Which Mini Trampoline? For the best results a low impact pro rebounder trampoline should be used to ensure safely and for you to get the best out of your workouts.

✅ MaXimus Pro Rebounder, Fit Bounce Pro, HIIT Rebounder and Pro Gym Rebounders are all top brands that deliver great results

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