Branding your Rebound Class

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Rebounding is suitable for all genders, all age groups and all fitness levels.

You can use our Bounce & Burn branding (logo’s and details are in the Membership) or you can create your own.  We would encourage you to always have “Rebound Fitness” somewhere in the class description as this enables people to see that your class is part of this Worldwide brand and therefore you will benefit from our publicity as well as that you generate locally.

The Class name and Class description will be key to attracting and retaining the right audience to your classes.  Also, they need to be appropriate and reflect the personality and skills of the Instructor, and your music selection will be influenced by the type of class you are running.

You can download a few examples here and see some pre-choreographed workouts in your Instructor Membership under Workout Videos menu.

Use this table below as a template to help you think about your class design, your target audience, and the class description to encourage people to class.

Class Template - example 1

Class Name Bounce and Burn
Class Description   A traditional, low impact, high energy fitness class performed on a mini-trampoline that provides a cardiovascular challenge whilst strengthening and toning your whole body.
Target Audience likely to attract those who already participate in Group Exercise classes, usually women
Duration / Timetable 30 minute “express” classes (before work/lunchtime), 45-minute or 60-minutes with a Core conditioning section added at the end

Class Template - example 2

Class Name Bounce & Transform (or Body Transformation, Bounce away the Fat, Beginners Bounce, Bounce & Tone)
Class Description  All over body transformation.  Low impact workout that can burn 500 calories in just 30 minutes!  Suitable for Everyone – even those who are brand new to exercise
Target Audience Those who are overweight and/or looking to start exercising
Duration / Timetable 30 minutes initially – could build to 45 minutes eventually

Class Template - example 3

Class Name Snow Bound (or Ski Bound or Snow HIIT workout or Ski Fit HIIT or …)
Class Description   A great pre-ski conditioning workout to improve cardiovascular endurance and strength in-order for you to make the most out of every day on the slopes and still have the energy for the all important après ski at the end of the day!  Intense bursts of intervals including specific cross-country & slalom ski exercises with challenging direction changes specific for snow boarders combined with big bang conditioning exercises designed to improve all over body strength make this workout one of the most challenging in our HIIT series
Target Audience Men, women and teenagers in preparation for skiing
Duration / Timetable 30 minutes, evenings or weekends

Class Template - example 4

Class Name Family Bound
Class Description  A rebound workout designed for all the family. Why not workout with your children and/or their grandparents!   Following some traditional rebound fitness moves in a progressive aerobic section to current music followed by a fun ball game section done on the rebounder using soft throwing balls adds a competitive element to the workout. Important core and flexibility exercises to finish with to help improve posture.
Target Audience Families aged 8+ (no age limit!)
Duration / Timetable 30 – 45 minutes, after school or weekends
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