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For this section we would suggest that the music is turned down and is there in the background.

Ensure that you always offer options for each move so that beginners are included, and the more advanced are challenged.

In the early days this section will provide a major balance challenge so be sure to select the simpler conditioning moves e.g., a squat, as the unstable surface of the rebounder will provide sufficient balance challenge to begin with.


As you class becomes more proficient and used to the mat surface you can progress to the more advanced exercises.  You will find these videos in the Instructor Membership workout videos on our website.

Powerful moves such as plyometric squat jumps, 180-degree speed rotations combined with compound exercises such as single leg dead lifts and crab push ups are very advanced and extremely challenging! With the added challenge of performing these moves on the unstable surface of the rebounder they provide an even greater challenge and demand a high level of ‘skill’ but when executed well they get amazing results!

Any move performed standing on one leg e.g. single leg deadlift, squat variations require greater levels of strength and balance so should be introduced carefully always giving your participants the progression options so everyone can feel successful and complete the exercise with good form.

You will link upper and lower body moves together in exactly the same way you would do in a normal conditioning section, it’s just that you execute it on the rebounder with the additional balance challenge provided by the unstable surface.

The pro gym rebounder is sufficiently robust for it to be used for exercises like Tricep Dips with your hands on the rim of the rebounder and feet on the floor. The rebounder weights 11kgs and wont tip up unlike light weight mini trampolines. There is nothing you can do on the floor that you can’t also do on the rebounder providing additional physiological and neural demands to these moves.

You can choose to do these as a mini circuit if you like to make it flow and add intensity.

Remember to keep your exercise choice well balanced with upper and lower body exercises as well as core moves. Think about the different ‘life movement patterns’ you can include to ensure a balanced conditioning section is achieved. Perhaps you could use a single leg dead lift as your ‘bending pattern’ followed by a press up variation as your ‘push pattern’ followed by a seated bicycle leg rotation as your ‘twist’ pattern. Performing these exercises back to back with no rest is an awesome strength conditioning combination!

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