Cool Down

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This section can be placed before the Conditioning or afterwards if the cardio/sports/conditioning is done as an interval circuit.  During this phase mostly cardio moves are used at lower intensity (i.e., less push) to bring down the heart rate.

Use this section to re-cap the benefits that people will have achieved from the previous minutes of high intensity low impact rebound exercise.

Remind them that they will be getting lymphatic drainage benefits as they are exercising – they should feel as though they have worked hard but they should be able to walk up the stairs tomorrow!  If this is their first class, ask them for feedback in the coming days.

Due to the fantastic lymphatic drainage achieved through rebounding it is important to remind participants to drink more fluids than usual post exercise as to replenish lost water and salts.

End this section with moves similar to the warm-up and stop for a short drink break before starting on the Conditioning and Core sections.

Remind people to step off the rebounder to the side of the rebounder and not to jump off!

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