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Performing core exercises on a rebounder when lying supine naturally places the back in the right postural position. The mat provides a superb soft surface for these exercises that mould to the body.

Remind those with long hair to ensure that their hair does not get caught in the springs of the rebounder when lying on their back. Ideally a small towel should be rolled up and placed behind the neck for support and comfort

All the core moves that can be done on the floor can also be done on the rebounder.

Think about a good variation of core exercise and movement patterns.

  • You can do these standing on the rebounder (as this is how we use our core muscles in every day life and in sport), and in a dynamic way such as alternating wood chop working in to the obliques.
  • Or lying supine on the rebounder and performing a variety of crunches, reverse curls, and seated core rotation exercises.
  • Not forgetting the prone position on your front performing isometric plank variations.
  • More holistic type core exercises for stabilizing the spine and pelvis can also be done on the rebounder such as the alternating superman.

Always do isolated core exercises at the end of the workout. You don’t want to tire core muscles at the beginning of your workout as they are needed for crucial stabilisation with all the big cardio and conditioning moves.

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