First Time to Rebounding

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The first time anyone does a class on a mini-trampoline they are understandably apprehensive.  For many people it will be the first time that they have done any exercise on an unstable surface.

Some of the common misconceptions or fears that may prevent people even getting onto the mini-trampoline are as follows:

  • I’ll fall off – reassure them “no you wont”. Your core muscles engage involuntary which means you feel stable on the rebounder and you also adopt a specific posture lowering your centre of gravity. You don’t jump high like trampoline training. You are in control all the time on the rebounder, in the early days your feet can even stay on the mat or very close to the mat surface!  For those with not so good balance a stability bar can be used.
  • I’m too heavy – reassure them “no you are nont!” The rebounder will hold at least 20.5 stone – some models will go heavier.  They will not break the rebounder and usually there is more of an embarrassment factor as people start on their weight loss journey
  • I can’t bounce I will embarrass myself (incontinent fear) – encourage those with a weaker bladder/pelvic floor to wear pads in the early days and see below for the science and within 4 weeks they will see improvements.  These are the people who can really benefit from rebounding.
  • My chest is too large – a good sports bra is a must
  • And so on….

And remember that as there is increased blood flow and circulation it may be that the participants experience some tingling in the feet the first few times they bounce.  This is perfectly normal and will disappear as your body adapts to this increased circulation that you don’t get with other forms of exercise.  It’s a good thing!

As an Instructor it is your job to reassure the class participants to encourage them to try the class, and throughout the class make reference to some of the above – the science of rebounding that you will learn in the next section will show how in as little as 4 weeks a participant can strengthen their bladder and gain more control so any fear of incontinence and having a small leak should go away – until they get to that point then it’s a good idea to use incontinence pads.

It’s our job as fitness professionals to educate and encourage our participants.

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