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The soft surface on which exercises are performed during a Rebounding workout leads to a decrease in the incidence of injury and overall complaints about exercise pain.  Rebounding is a Low Impact, weight bearing and high intensity workout.

Research carried out by A.W. Daniels Ph.D Material Science and Orthopedic Surgery, University of Utah found that working on a rebounder’s soft surface can absorb a great deal of impact. The University of Utah found that approximately ­­­­­87% of the impact is absorbed versus working out on a hardwood floor.

This diminished impact allows the participant to work harder, increase the intensity of the workout, without increasing the impact of the workout and reducing the risk of injury.  Even heavier participants can work out without unnecessary jarring to the joints and have increased comfort levels whilst exercising and post exercise.

I think this is the kind of fitness routine that should be adopted by all gyms, it is low impact so good for all with fun and exercise in the same sentence. – Dame Kelly Holmes

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