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The single most important and most frequently quoted scientific research study on rebounding was conducted in 1980 through NASA performed by the Biomechanical Research Division, NASA-Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California, in cooperation with the Wenner-Gren Research laboratory, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky.

The key findings of the scientific study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology 49(5): 881-887, 1980 were as follows:

  • According to NASA, Rebound Exercise was found to be 68% more effective than jogging based on the decreased incidence of injury and increased energy expenditure. In 1980, NASA concluded that a participant jogging 5mph on a Rebounder can burn 12 – 15% more calories than when jogging on a treadmill. Not only is the incidence of injury reduced by using a high quality, professional rebounder — you actually burn more calories, and you can keep doing it longer!

“The external work output at equivalent levels of oxygen uptake were significantly greater while trampolining than running. The greatest difference was about 68%.”

“While trampolining, as long as the G-force remained below 4-G’s, the ratio of oxygen consumption compared to biomechanical conditioning was sometimes more than twice as efficient as treadmill running.”

  • Rebounding exercise on rebound units have been measured only as high as 3.5-G’s, (United States Air Force, Dr. Ward Dean) but this is still more effective than running on a treadmill.
  • The NASA report says that when exercising on a rebounder, you place equal forces on all parts of the body – head to toe – exercising equally every cell in the body.

“The G-force measured at the ankle was always more than twice the G-force measured at the back and forehead while running on a treadmill.…While jumping on a trampoline, the G-force was almost the same at all three points, (ankle, back, forehead) and well below the rupture threshold of a normal healthy individual.”


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