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This move (also known as a Jumping Jack) has many variations and is used to get participants familiar with initially moving feet to the outside of the rebounder mat and then back into the centre of the mat to enable them to become familiar with the unstable surface and also how the intensity can increase in the middle of the mat. Make sure the focus is on the downward push phase of the exercise. You will need to correct anyone that is jumping too high and with straight legs as you would do in a regular jumping jack exercise.

Once everyone is comfortable with this move you can then introduce arm movements, starting with a low power jack and by performing this move 8 reps at a time your participants will become increasingly confident on the rebounder.

Once confidence is established you can then challenge them with more complex arm movements, changes in direction, reducing the number of move repeats to 4 then 2 etc, and also more complex leg movements.

A very versatile move and the easiest move to change complexity of the move without losing intensity and we would always recommend starting with this move at the beginning of class (after the base jump of course!) to remind the participants of the mat surface area they are working

Be aware that as the intensity of this move increases, this is the move that a lot of participants will fear as this will place more pressure on the bladder, so it’s important that you continually reassure them and remind them of the strengthening benefits of rebounding.

Do a poll at the start of class and do the same poll 5 weeks in – there will be a massive improvement!

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