Practical Assessment

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Congratulations – you are nearing the end of your course!

It’s time now to practice all of the Rebounding moves, and to build a short Rebounding routine (15 – 20 minutes) showing you teaching at least 3 cardio moves of your choosing (with changes of direction for some of the moves) and 2 sports specific and/or conditioning moves also of your choosing.

Please introduce yourself at the start of your video clip and please name your file “<name> Rebound Fitness Practical Assessment – <date>”.

Remember to always start your routine with the Base Jump before moving into the cardio section.

You do not need to be teaching in front a class, just yourself to camera is fine – iPhone video quality is also fine.

Music selection is important so please select music that is appropriate to the routine you are teaching.

And remember to motivate with the fabulous Rebounding benefits facts and to include the teaching points of the moves so that your participants will have good technique.

Above all SMILE and allow your personality to shine through 🙂

If you wish to remind yourself of our assessment criteria then please download here:  Rebound Fitness Practical Assessment Criteria

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