Rebound for Strength Gains

Ken Cooper’s Aerobic Institute conducted a study on participants’ strength gains using interval training with varying methods of recovery in between sets. Between strength training sets, two groups used their ‘recovery’ period in different ways.  One group used movement on a stepper, while the other group used Rebound exercise in between sets.   After the six-week study, the group using the Rebounder as a recovery station had a 25% increase in strength gains over the group who had been using the stepper as a recovery station.

The increase in strength gains can be attributed to a quicker recovery period.  The quicker recovery period is due to the increased stimulation of the lymphatic system which eliminates waste products that can hinder exercisers e.g., lactic acid.  The reduction of waste products in the body lets recovery happen quicker, leading to more productive workouts.  Being on the unstable surface also heightens the nervous system, allowing more neural power to the muscles.

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