Rebounding Benefits– RECAP

There are 3 things Rebound Fitness expects from Instructors;

  • to Teach all of the rebounding moves with precision and perfect technique,
  • to Inspire  using motivational music and cueing and showing knowledge of the rebounding science and benefits the participants are getting to keep them motivated
  • to have FUN yourself and to ensure that participants are also having fun with music and choreography that is appropriate to the participants and with regular progressions/new choreography to keep the class interesting.

To recap.

On a well sprung, high quality pro rebounder,


  • is Low Impact – absorbs 87% of impact
  • will Burn Calories – 68% more effective than jogging
  • improves the Immune system – lymphatic drainage
  • will strengthen the bladder & pelvic floor – any everything else, it’s a cellular exercise!
  • improves posture – vital for a healthy older age
  • has huge positive psychological benefits – everyone is successful
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