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Social Media is the most powerful way to contact and communicate with the local people who are likely to attend your classes.

We find that Facebook and Instagram are the most popular choices to attract the Rebounding demographic.

For those with a social media presence already, it is very easy to introduce the Bounce & Burn and Rebound Fitness brand into something that exists already.  For example, on facebook, take a look at Slice Urban Lifestyle Studios, Vikki Gamblen, Livfit @strongerfitterhappier and Townsend Twins to name a few.

For those who do not have a social  media presence and who might wish to leverage the Bounce & Burn brand to develop this then we have many community instructors who have done this – the Bounce & Burn brand can be used more widely to encompass all an Instructors offerings and does not have to be restricted to rebounding (for example, Bounce and Burn with Errol Barrows covers his Rebounding classes and his Kettlercise classes and new classes that he has developed since launch).  For example, on Facebook take a look at Bounce and Burn West Sussex, Bounce and Burn, Bounce and Burn with ….. <Hellenna, Karen Vicars, Niki Hudak, Claire Roberts, Emily, zoe#rebound, Amy Barratt, Jodie>.

We are happy to assist and offer suggestions for your specific situations if this is needed, just contact us.

Below are some tips and hints from other Instructors and things that we have found work well.

If you need a website presence or facebook page building for you, we have teamed up with Jonny at We Are Flamingo – please contact him directly for a quote and mention us!

Social Media Tips

Videos work great!  Usually 15 – 20 seconds is sufficient.  Long videos are not generally watched all the way through and also there are music licence issues.
Photos of real people – particularly those in your classes/community.  Tag them as this encourage them to share/post on their own pages to reach larger audiences
Tag @rebounduk with your posts.  Our social media team will see this and will share/repost where appropriate – again reaching larger audiences for you to raise awareness of rebounding and your area.
Encourage your participants to set objectives and measure results from day 1.  Use this to showcase achievements and how Rebounding has helped.  Real stories are great!  Visually excite where possible – pictures are everything!
Post on Instagram with very short messages and “push” this to facebook.  Instagram is a visual experience with people scrolling through to see things they like the look of!  Facebook is where you build your Community and encourage comments etc
Develop a library of hashtags to use with your posts.  Please include #rebounding #bounceandburn #reboundfitness #rebounduk #reboundfitness in your posts.  We will then be able to see and pick these up as well
Keep the posts short and interesting.  If you have a website then use FB to link out to your website and link to blog posts or testimonials
Please feel free to contact Rebound Fitness with ideas and requests.  We will support where we can.  We are intending to run regular competitions for Instructors and for Rebound Enthusiasts so please watch out for these and re-post/share where you can.
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