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During this section you are encouraging everyone to forget about any choreography and to focus on increasing the intensity of each move, i.e., the push into the mat, and to provide a cardiovascular challenge with bursts of higher intensity activity. Revert to the Base Jump between each move sequence.

You can encourage elements of competition by “sprinting for the line” which adds to the fun of this section.

If your class is more athletically inclined, or training for a specific sport, then you can combine some of the Sports Training moves with Conditioning and/or Plyometric moves in the following conditioning section to build strength, power and endurance as well as increased stability.

Watch Dame Kelly Holmes training with Vikki!

Dame Kelly Holmes said, “I worked with Rebound Fitness when they did a fundraiser throughout a day at my Café 1809 for the five charities I have been supporting, The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, Mind, Myeloma, Hospice in the Weald and The Pickering Drop in Cancer Centre. It was a great day, the workouts were intense but so much fun. Everyone that took part said that they didn’t realise how much they were working as the instructors were engaging and motivating and everyone was smiling from start to finish.  I think this is the kind of fitness routine that should be adopted by all gyms, it is low impact so good for all with fun and exercise in the same sentence. I hope to work with Rebound Fitness again sometime.”

And she did in 2019 for International Women’s Day!!!


A few things to try out :

Try some co-ordination exercises such as Single Leg Lateral Hops. This is such a crucial exercise for anybody playing sport as it builds strength and stability working the medial and lateral stabilizers of the hip, knee and ankle joint. It is a injury preventative exercise as well as one of the best rehabilitation exercise after injury to increase the integrity of the joints and improve communication.

For a burst of ‘HIIT’ sports training, perform some lateral ski jumps with your legs together and keeping your upper body still with your arms out straight (as if you were holding ski poles) shift your lower body from side to side on the rebounder keeping your pelvis straight. Try 30 second fast bursts with a 30 second recovery jog in between. This is an awesome text of stamina!

Try varying running speeds that mimic quick sprints such as 100, 200 meters as well as higher knee jog variations that might simulate running for 400 or 800 metre distances.

‘Quick fire feet’ is a rapid movement whereby you hold your arms out in front of you and effectively ‘detach’ your upper body from the lower body. Set your feet shoulder width apart and perform a low rapid speed sprint hardly leaving the mat surface.  20-30 second bursts will have your gluteals, quads and lower leg muscles screaming!

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