Strengthens Every Cell in your Body

Rebounding is a cellular exercise. The human body has roughly 65 – 80 trillion cells and there are about two-hundred different types of cells.  With Rebounding everything gets a workout, not just the muscular skeletal system, but also internal organs.

All cells have a cell membrane (the outer surface), cytoplasm (the inside) and a nucleus (the management part of the cell that determines what it does).  The cell membrane of each cell has to be strong enough under normal conditions to keep from rupturing but flexible enough to allow movement.

The structural strength of the cell membrane is directly related to the environmental stresses that are placed upon the cells.  At low Gs the membrane becomes weak.  At high Gs the cells become stronger.  While bouncing on the Rebounder, every single cell is under additional stress (at high Gs) because of gravity’s additional force on the body (i.e. work!) thereby strengthening the cell membranes.

All cells in the body become stronger in response to feeling the increase in G-force during rebounding.  At the top of the bounce, each cell is weightless and is “floating”.  At the bottom of the bounce, each cell feels the increased pressure from the increase in G-force – there is a gentle “squeeze” on each cell.  The cells have to adapt to being placed in this environment and therefore become stronger.

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