Take a Rebound Fitness Class!

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Before we go into the training, it’s important for you to experience our Rebound Fitness Pro Rebounder equipment and a professionally designed class for yourself to ensure that you understand the mechanics of the rebounder.

Vikki Gamblen has developed this Master Class specifically aimed at Instructors.

Get your Pro Rebounder out, put on your sports gear and Rebound with Vikki!

The workout will take approximately 40 minutes to complete and please do complete the workout!

Before you start please follow these safety checks:

  • Wear appropriate clothing (3-quarter length trousers, shorts or tight leggings, good sports bra (if appropriate), cross-trainers)
  • Ensure that all the legs of the rebounder are properly fixed in place and that the rebounder is flat on the ground
  • Ensure that the rebounder spring cover (the skirt) is securely positioned around the rim of the rebounder and doesn’t cover any of the mat surface
  • Ensure that there is nothing underneath the rebounder (e.g., water bottles) and that there are no objects close to the rebounder.
  • As with all exercise programmes and classes please ensure you have medical clearance from your physician or GP before you participate in our rebounding master class.

ENJOY – and see you in 40 minutes! 


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