Launched JUNE 2019 in the USA!

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Interested in becoming a Bounce & Burn instructor?

Rebound Fitness are the worlds leading Rebounding company and supply Professional Rebounders and Rebound Instructor training courses to the gym market, freelance instructors in the community, schools and the home market.  Having trained over 1500 rebound instructors, popularity in rebounding is growing rapidly as people are looking for a low impact workout that is kind on their joints but still provides all of the fat burning benefits of high intensity group exercise class.

Rebounding or Bounce workouts are achievable for everyone and the lymphatic drainage benefits, massive calorie burn and the low impact nature of the workouts really appeals to a broad audience – “it’s not exercise, it’s fun!” – is something we hear often!

Our mini trampoline courses are available to anyone of any age, ability and background.

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