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Welcome to the world’s most exciting Rebound Fitness Instructor Training certification course.

Designed and written by sports scientists and Rebounding experts who want to share with you their knowledge and inspirational findings so you can spread the word about this incredible exercise

On this course you will learn the truly amazing life changing fitness benefits and health efficacies that following a professional rebound programming can deliver, the importance of teaching on high quality, professional rebounders (mini trampolines), how to execute and teach the rebounding moves safely and effectively, how to put together exciting and fun rebounding classes and keep your participants motivated week after week, how to brand, market, measure and monitor the success of your classes to maximise the value to participants and ensure a good return on your investment in this training and your equipment, and how to access the ongoing support and resources available from Rebound Fitness and the wider Rebound Fit Instructor community to ensure your success and keep you motivated in your teaching.

Before we start the course we need to take you through course registration and outline how the course is structured and assessed.

  • The course is structured into a number of Lessons and Topics.
  • Some Lessons or Topics will have a quiz to complete to test knowledge and this will be assessed. You may be required to upload videos of you teaching some of the moves/routines at various points in the course (an iPhone quality video will be fine).
  • There are videos as part of your instruction, each of which is between 1 – 2 minutes to watch (unless stated otherwise).  You will be able to pause a video, but you will be required to watch most of the videos from start to finish.
  • Once you have completed a Topic or Lesson, and achieved the required pass mark for any quiz, a “Mark Complete” button will become active. Please ensure that you click on this to move to the next topic or lesson.

To get started just click on the first lesson below. Registration should take you around 15 minutes to complete and then you ready to start your training!

If you have any queries please just contact us.

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