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Flexi Bounce Therapy is a comprehensive graded exercise and development programme for the use of an othopaedic quality rebounder by children and adults across a wide spectrum of additional needs.  This Online Training Programme is for anyone wishing to work 1:1 with a child or adult with additional needs and enables the student to benefit from fun therapy sessions on a daily basis, at home, with their therapist or at a centre.  Flexi-Bounce Therapy can be offered as as stand-alone activity or as an “in between sessions” complement to scheduled Rebound Therapy sessions.

Once you have purchased your Flexi-Bounce Therapy course, our Training team will be in contact via email with your Registration and Login details. Easy payment terms are available – please contact us for details.

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Flexi-Bounce Therapy is the specific programme of use of an orthopaedic quality rebounder (the Fit Bounce Pro XL from Rebound Fitness / Maximus Life Ltd).

Currently, a common issue for many special needs centres Personal Trainers, Physios and other professionals working with Rebound Therapy is that they can only provide sessions once or twice a week due to the number of students and only having access to one or two full sized trampolines.  During the holiday times, this valuable therapy stops altogether!  Some therapists are not able to provide Rebound Therapy at all either due to lack budget/space for equipment, or insufficient trained adult supervisors where sometimes 3 or 4 adults are required to support/supervise 1 person on the trampoline.

Flexi-Bounce Therapy is the solution to this dilemma and is the ideal complement to Rebound Therapy.

ReboundTherapy.org have approved the use of the Fit Bounce Pro XL orthopaedic quality mini-trampoline for Flexi-Bounce Therapy and have developed this Online Flexi-Bounce Therapy training programme making Flexi Bounce Therapy, and all the health benefits the student gets from Rebound Therapy, available on a daily basis to students on a daily basis either in the classroom, with their 1:1 therapist or at home .

The Online Flexi-Bounce Therapy training comprises five steps:

  1. Study of online reading material
  2. Study of online video showing practical aspects
  3. Study of online video showing how to measure and record progress and provide evidence of outcomes
  4. Completion of assessment paper
  5. Practical assessment by video (we will ask you to video some exercises on your phone and send them to us).

On successful completion of the assessment paper and practical assessment we will issue your Flexi-Bounce Therapy certificate.

We will also send you recommended further reading material and videos, including examples of exercises being put into categories to suit specific needs.

You may complete the programme as quickly or slowly as you wish and you will have access to support at all times by emailing us on training@rebound.fitness.


You will need use of a ReboundTherapy.org approved rebounder – like the Fit Bounce Pro XL.

Ideally you will have experience of and interest in working with children or adults with additional needs, OR, will be a Rebound Fitness qualified Instructor, or Rebound Therapy certified Instructor looking to expand your knowledge and services.  The Instructor must be capable of learning to use the rebounder equipment themselves and must be able to make a full and accurate assessment of the students abilities and from that assessment be able to help the student achieve stated goals, which as in any other learning situation should be in small, achievable steps.

If an Instructor requires additional information to help assess suitability for the training- please contact us to discuss or contact ReboundTherapy.Org directly.

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