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Rebounding is great fun and suitable for all ages, genders and fitness levels. You are in control of how hard you work by how hard you push into the mat surface through your legs. This controls the intensity of your workout and allows you to increase your fitness levels gradually. So whether you are a complete beginner or elite athlete you can tailor your rebounding programme to suit your requirements.  The ReboundUK fitness team have produced a whole mixed genre of workouts available in our Bounce & Burn membership for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

We have designed workouts specifically for weight loss and burning 100s of calories, sports and fitness based workouts and holistic detoxifying rebounding sessions.  We also have themed workouts that incorporate combat and martial arts moves, dance based workouts, children’s rebound and extreme bootcamp HIIT style sessions.

Our sporting workouts include squats, lunges, twists, jumps, pushing patterns and sprints are performed between bursts of jogging and bouncing, all on the low impact surface of the rebounder.  You can also complete HIIT and sport specific workouts, performing explosive plyometric exercises combined with athletic strength and conditioning moves such as squat jumps and upper body exercises. For extra resistance use sand weights or our specially designed resistance bands that clip on to our rebounders securely.

There are workouts for everyone – check these out and meet our presenters on the videos!

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