Improved Core Strength

We have been conditioned and brain washed to train our core muscles lying on our backs doing variations of an abdominal crunch or curl.  This is in fact quite dysfunctional with limited benefits, targeting external superficial muscles.  Probably the only time of day we need to do this type of sit up is when we get out of bed in the morning!

A better and more functional way to train our core muscles is in the vertical position, which is how these muscles are used most of the time, to stabilise our spine through normal “life activities” and keeping us upright.

Exercising on an unstable surface, such as a low impact rebounder, provides a very healthy and constant balance challenge forcing the involuntary contraction (meaning we don’t have to think about it!) of the very important ‘deep core muscles’ that surround and protect our joints and organs. Stimulating these every important muscles in this way can protect us from injury, strengthen the spine, improve posture and are responsible for giving a flatter belly in appearance.


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