Low Impact Exercise

Low impact exercise or fitness activities are those that do not require you to place one of your limbs in contact with a hard surface. Typical low impact activities are swimming, biking and rebounding.

Decreased damage to joints is probably one of the most important reasons that people participate in low impact exercise. Often, people want to lose weight, tone up and increase their fitness level, or simply want to become more active, but old injuries and conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis restricts them from participating in typical exercises such as walking or jogging. Low impact fitness activities allow you to get the same benefits of more traditional forms of exercise without experiencing damage to your joints. Research has found that low impact fitness activities may actually promote the healing and recovery of damaged joints, thereby allowing you to return to higher impact activities at a later date.

Rebounding has another special benefit in the fact that not only is it very low impact but it is also a weight bearing activity and therefore will promote healthy strong bones.

Using a good quality and very low impact rebounder such as the ReboundUK spring or bungee rebounders  can take away up to 87% shock of impact versus working out/jumping on a wooden/hard floor. This means you can work at high intensity but without damaging your joints.

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