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Read about Rebounding in the press.
Healthy Living Logo - Rebound Review

Healthy Living London talks to James Winfield, co-founder and Fitness Director at ReboundUK to hear more about 2017’s hottest fitness trend, rebounding.

Rebounding // Royal Parks Cross Training

Sarah Rodrigues shares her story and how Rebounding has helped her on the road to the Royal Parks half marathon.

Women’s Running

Jumping for joy!

Women’s Running share 6 new ways to build a strong body.  Of course Rebounding made the cut!

Hello! love Rebounding

Did you know that Rebounding is great for posture?

Check out what Hello! Magazine had to say when they met the ReboundUK Team.


Prepare to repair with Runner’s World & ReboundUK

Runner’s World recommend rebounding as the perfect post-workout cool down.


Hit the Rebounder for etc. Magazine’s favourite workout

The team at etc. magazine visited Bounce & Burn West Sussex and here’s what they had to say about our “Wacky Workout”.


This year’s Bestfit craze

BESTFIT magazine find out just why Rebounding is this year’s must-do workout.


Future proof your posture with Marie Claire’s top tips

Find out what the team at Marie Claire and our Fitness Director, James Winfield, had to say about reducing back pain through rebounding.


Loose Women’s Nadiah Sawalha LOVES Rebounding

“Rebound UK, thank you again for introducing me to rebounding, I truly love it! And the key to sticking with anything is to love it. I have found my favourite exercise ever!”


Jump to it for your best summer ever

Summer’s here and Health and Fitness magazine have got you covered for your best sporty summer ever, including Rebounding of course.

healthy logo

Win with Healthy Magazine

Don’t miss out, you could win a Maximus Pro Rebounder worth £199 with Healthy magazine.


The Your Fitness team are bouncing

Move over kids, bouncing’s back and it’s strictly adults only. Hear what the team at Your Fitness magazine had to say about the latest fitness trend sweeping across the country.

healthy logo

 Healthy goes on the Rebound

The team at Healthy magazine are LOVING their rebound workouts. Read all about their training and check out our 15 minute total body blast workout, created by our Fitness Director James Winfield.

 The Independent’s 9 Best Trampolines

Spring into Summer with The Independent’s best trampolines, including our bungee sprung, totally silent FitBounce Pro Rebounder. Fun fitness for the whole family this summer!

Read more…

Looking for a workout that will make you giddy with endorphins? Check out Bella C Burke’s review of BeFIT London, joining the Rebound UK team and our friends at Slice Fitness for a super sweaty workout!

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Bella Magazine’s effective exercises for a trim tum.

Try out the fabulous stomach trimming exercise that is rebounding…

Read More…



OK! Magazine’s hottest fitness trend

Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr LOVE rebounding. As featured in OK! Magazine’s HOT RIGHT NOW fitness trends.

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ITV’s Loose Women LOVE rebounding!

Did you spot Rebound UK on ITV putting the Loose Women through their paces on the rebounders?

Watch the clip here…

5 fitness trends you have to try for 2016…

The team at Healthy magazine round up this year’s hottest fitness trends, including rebounding of course! Give it a go, workout satisfaction guaranteed.

Read the full article…


The Guardian asks…could a rebounder put some bounce into your running

Core and strength work doesn’t have to be boring – why not try bouncing up and down on a mini trampoline? We spoke to James Winfield from Rebound UK to find out how rebounding can benefit runners

Read the full article…


We can’t wait for Be:FIT 2016

Spring to it at Be:FIT London 2016 – Rebound UK will be the only stand bouncing from start to finish. Rally your girlfriends and bounce on over to stand GF6 to meet our team of qualified rebound instructors. Test out the rebounders and snap some springy selfies! See you there, 29 April – 01 May 2016.

Read the full article…

SLOAN LOVES…MaXimus Pro Rebounder

The team at SLOAN! Magazine are loving our MaXimus Pro Rebounder. Check out their glowing review, scoring us a 9/10 for user experience. There’s even a chance to WIN your very own rebounder

Read the full article…


Spring in the Step

Following the lead of the US and Australia, trampoline parks are springing up all over the UK and Europe. So what’s all the fuss about? Kath Hudson reports.

Hear from Rebound UK’s Fitness Director, James Winfield on the huge rise in popularity of rebounding.

Read the full article…

My Session

James Winfield shows us how runners can come back even stronger after niggly knee injuries – with the help of the rebounding.

Buy the Winter issue of FitPro now to read more.


Is This the Secret Weapon to Bladder Control?

We’re always researching the latest fitness crazes, especially when it comes to post-natal. The concept of Rebounding and its promise of being the secret weapon to bladder control, intrigued me. I’ll leave you with James Winfield, the master trainer at Rebound UK, to tell you a bit more about this low-impact weight bearing exercise that’s meant to be so good for new mums. 

Read the full article…


The Guardian’s Christmas Gift Guide 2015

Someone looking to get into a new sport or up their fitness? Try a rebounder – it’s fun and brilliant for you. Kids won’t object either .

Read the full article…


How to Teach Rebounding

Rebounding is one of the most effective forms of low impact, weight bearing exercise for all ages and abilities. James Winfield, Fitness Director of Rebound UK, give us his top tips for teaching this highly popular workout, in the home or at the studio

Read the full article…

Group exercise Rebound Instructor Training

Jump for Joy!

The team at Natural Health magazine are loving rebounding. A fun, high energy workout that ‘you need to try’. The team says ‘sign us up now!


Stay in top condition with low impact activity

This month, we’ve been chatting to James Winfield, Master Trainer and PT at www.rebound-uk.com. Here he gives us his top tips to staying injury free through low impact exercise.

Read the full article…



“There’s never enough hours in the day!” Feel all too familiar? We know only too well just how fast the
hours slip away with busy work and social schedules, not forgetting family commitments.

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Rebounding can offer serious benefits for Runners…

Time for an Upgrade: 101 improvements which are sure to boost your running …


Slim down and tone up fast this summer!

We’re all after that quick fix; the fastest way to burn calories, slim down and tone up for our holidays. This week we’ve been chatting to James Winfield, Master Trainer at Rebound UK.

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Rebounding: how to bounce your way to fitness

Shove the children off the trampoline – bouncing is back and as well as being great fun, it also offers a high-intensity workout that’s incredibly good for strengthening muscles and weight loss

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Bring the fun back into exercise

Rebounding research has proven the many health benefits of rebounding – you can burn 100’s of calories, stimulate lymphatic drainage, improve the immune system, improve posture and reduce body fat. It is low impact and suitable for all ages and populations.

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Rebounding for a fit toned healthy body

Researchers at Montreal’s Concordia University have found that passion is the most important motivator for older people to exercise.  Rather than counting the calories people are looking to feel toned and fit and the exercise route they take to achieve this needs to be fun and stimulating.  If you see exercise as a necessary evil maybe it’s time to embrace your inner child and revisit exercise as we did when we were younger.  Rebounding can give you a fit toned healthy body without leaving the house.

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Bringing the fun back into exercise

James Winfield, owner of MaXimus Life the UK experts for rebounding, wants everyone to understand the benefits of low impact, weight bearing exercise and ensure that optimal health and fitness is achievable by anybody in the comfort of your own home or in group situations.

Read the full article… (page 29)

Rebounding – The New Fun Way To Exercise

Rebounding research has proven the many health benefits of rebounding – you can burn 100’s of calories, stimulate lymphatic drainage, improve the immune system, improve posture and reduce body fat.

Read the full article… 

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