Rebounding – 2017’s Hottest Fitness Trend

Healthy Living London spoke with James Winfield, co-founder and Fitness Director at Rebound Fitness to hear more about 2017’s hottest fitness trend, rebounding.

Who are Rebound and what is Rebounding?

We are the world’s leading experts in rebounding – a full body, low impact, high intensity workout performed on a mini trampoline, promising fast results.

We are also the creators of Bounce & Burn workouts, the UK’s first online platform for 24/7 home access to rebounding workouts.

Rebounding sounds a little like trampolining – isn’t that just for kids?

Trampolining, bouncing, jumping, rebounding – it’s for all ages! Cast your mind back to school holidays, bouncing around with your friends on the garden trampoline. Within seconds you’re smiling ear to ear. There’s no denying the absolute feel good factor of bouncing up and down, throwing our bodies into all sorts of shapes, limbs flying around free.

Translate this feel good factor into a ‘grown up’, fun-filled workout and you’ve got the most effective total body workout ever. NASA claim rebounding to be ‘one of the most effective exercises known to man.’

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