How can Rebounding help your clients?

Rebounding is a full body cellular and de-toxifying exercise and, for some, it is a life-saver. Our body’s natural inclination is to heal itself, internally. Because rebounding strengthens all cells of the body It helps to unlock the body’s power to heal itself.

If you are a Health Practitioner, or work for the NHS, and want to find out how Rebounding can help you and your clients please contact us.  We have the best equipment on the market, offer NHS discounts, and work with many Health Practitioners on a referral basis.

Practitioners we currently work with include Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, Kineseologists, Counsellers, GP Referral practitioners, Chiropractors, Sporting Coaches, Nurses, Age UK and specialist communities covering conditions such as Lymphodema, Arthritis, Osteoporisis, Autism, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Obesity, Incontinence and Depression – all conditions that Rebounding can benefit.

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