ReboundUK Compilation 2


Compilation 2 DVD containing four great workouts!

  1. Begin 2 Bound
  2. Sport Bound
  3. Rebounding Progression
  4. Combat Bound

Over 2 & a half hours of workouts!!

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Compilation 2 DVD containing four great workouts! – Begin2bound – Sport Bound – Rebounding Progression – Combat Bound

A fantastic compilation DVD containing 4 great workouts with lots of variety to progress you through different rebound workout intensities as you improve you rebound fitness levels. These workouts demonstrate proper rebound techniques to ensure you get the best out of your rebounding sessions.

Begin2bound is the perfect motivating workout for anyone returning to fitness or new to exercise.  The low impact nature of the workout makes it kind on joints and provides and excellent calorie burn to complement any weight management programme.  35 minutes

Sport Bound  Improve your strength, power, balance and coordination and improve reaction times by following this fantastic sports specific cardiovascular and strength training routine.  This workout is ideal for men, women, boys and girls who want to get the edge over their opponents.  40 minutes

Rebounding Progression is a traditional low impact, high cardio rebound routine based on core rebound moves.  This workout progresses and demonstrates more variations to provide a more challenging workout.  Perfect for those who have mastered the beginners workout and wish to progress.  40 minutes

Combat Bound is a challenging cardiovascular workout integrating upper body punches with lower body moves, kicks and core stabilisation techniques that provide the ultimate complete body conditioning workout.  35 minutes

Please note the our rebound workouts, core postures and techniques are specifically designed to be used with ReboundUK rebounders. This is to ensure the participants has a good experience, a safe workout, and to provide a low impact workout on a well sprung unit to maximize all the health and fitness benefits that rebounding can provide using a high quality, professional rebounder.



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