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Exercise has always played a big part in my life.  It’s a form of therapy or movement meditation and quite simply helps me to feel better.  That’s the philosophy I bring to my classes which are inclusive and open to all.  I believe rebounding is a great way into exercise for people who would traditionally shy away from exercise as it’s achievable, effective and fun.  After having children, I struggled to get to the gym and couldn’t find any classes which were at convenient times so I decided to train as an exercise instructor.  I was already using a rebounder at home when the little ones were napping so wanted to offer bounce workouts because they’d helped me so much.  Since qualifying with Rebound Fitness I’ve brought classes to the local community and now continue to offer workouts online.  My rebound family is closer than ever since lockdown with our weekly link ups firmly cemented in friendship as we navigate a new way forward.

My client Judith says, “It’s a brilliant mindfulness activity, all my worries disappear, I always feel much better coming out of Amy’s rebounding class than I did going in!

I’m delighted to support Rebound Fitness in their wonderful charity raising events. 

Class: Bounce and Tone

Duration: 30 minutes

Level:  all levels

Description:  Tone from top to toe with an express fit hit. Great for cardio and muscle toning.  Find thirty minutes in your day to bounce yourself to better health with a fund & effective workout.

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