Judith RussellJudith Russell

Bounce and Burn with Jude


After losing seven stone Judith was fortunate enough to have a great personal trainer that instilled a passion for helping people.

She has started her journey by qualifying and specialising in rebounding .

Whilst her sessions have been described as a “bootcamp on a rebounder” her customers have had many successes, including significant weight loss , stronger pelvic muscles and an fabulous increase in fitness .

Judith’s job satisfaction comes from her clients successes but also having the pleasure of such lovely ladies coming to work hard a having fun at the same time .

The sessions are always conducted outside which not only makes it Covid friendly but it does wonders for mental health .

I’m delighted to support Rebound Fitness in their wonderful charity raising events.   We will be bouncing at 

Class: Marathon Bounce

at South Park Darlington DL1 5TG  (near the band stand )

Duration: 26 hours of bouncing time – each participant bouncing for 45 mins

Level:  All Levels

Description:  Bounce together to complete a Marathon at this outdoor event in Darlington.  All welcome, even if you have never bounced before come and have a go!  The workout is suitable for all levels – bounce for the whole 45 minutes or just 5 minutes, we are looking collectively to bounce for 26 hours to compete our Marathon!

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