Kendra NeethlingKendra Neethling

Kendra Neethling

Kendra is a trained Group Fitness & exercise to music instructor with a special interest in making movement fun & a compliment to ones overall Sense of well-being. Rebounding has been part of her own training for many years and Kendra is determined to share all the reasons why owning and working out on a rebounder is the best way to get moving and active.

My client Michelle says, “Kendra’s Rebound classes are fantastic! Kendra is enthusiastic and fun loving, making working out enjoyable. She is very professional and Includes a great variety of exercises within her rebounding sessions – targeting all areas of the body so one feels like they have really had a full body workout!”

I’m delighted to support Rebound Fitness in their wonderful charity raising events. 

Class: Bounce & Tone with Kendra

Duration: 30 minutes

Level:  all levels

Description: A full body conditioning session focusing on cardio and muscular endurance that gives your body a full & fun workout!

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