The Science

Rebounding emerged nearly 50 years ago. Research into rebounding has proven the many health benefits from this form of exercise, including; burning 100s of calories, greatly reducing body fat, very effectively stimulating lymphatic drainage, improving the immune system, improving and correcting posture, strengthening the core, tones and strengthens muscles (including the internal smooth muscles and organs) and tightens the skin improving skin tone.

The idea is to concentrate on the downward push motion through the balls of the feet into the mat surface, with your knees slightly bent and slight lean forward through the hips.  With a well sprung rebounder the spring or bungee system will then propel you upwards leaving the mat no more than 6 inches in height. This creates a unique pressure exchange or gravitational pull which is at the heart of what makes Rebounding have such a positive effect on our body.

At the bottom of the bounce on landing (“the push”) your exercise body weight can be up to 3.24 times heavier than normal whilst when you leave the mat during the upward jump phase  (“the jump”) you are completely weightless.  When we are weightless (floating) this gives us an incredible feeling of well-being, releasing healthy endorphins that make us feel great and lift our mood.  This probably explains why children love to jump as it makes them feel joyful and independent.  It his this constant change in gravitational pressure that works every single cell in the body making Rebounding one of the most effective and enjoyable all-over body workouts ever designed.

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